ArenaNode Member List

This is the complete list of members for ArenaNode, including all inherited members.

ArenaNode(const Vec3 &p0, const Vec3 &p1, const Vec3 &p2, const Vec3 &p3, const Vec3 &normal, unsigned int node_index) (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNode
getAdjacentNodes() (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeinline
getCenter() constQuadinline
getDistance2FromPoint(const Vec3 &xyz) const OVERRIDEArenaNodevirtual
getIndex() constQuadinline
getMinHeight() constQuadinline
getNearbyNodes() (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeinline
getNormal() constQuadinline
getSPMVertices(video::S3DVertexSkinnedMesh *v, const video::SColor &color) constQuad
getVertices(video::S3DVertex *v, const video::SColor &color) constQuad
is3DQuad() constQuadinlinevirtual
isIgnored() const (defined in Quad)Quadinline
isInvisible() constQuadinline
isNearEdge() constArenaNodeinline
m_adjacent_nodes (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeprivate
m_line (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeprivate
m_nearby_nodes (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeprivate
NoCopy() (defined in NoCopy)NoCopyinline
operator[](int i) constQuadinline
pointInside(const Vec3 &p, bool ignore_vertical=false) constQuadvirtual
Quad(const Vec3 &p0, const Vec3 &p1, const Vec3 &p2, const Vec3 &p3, const Vec3 &normal=Vec3(0, 1, 0), int index=-1, bool invisible=false, bool ignored=false)Quad
setAdjacentNodes(const std::vector< int > &nodes) (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeinline
setHeightTesting(float min, float max) (defined in Quad)Quadinline
setNearbyNodes(const std::vector< int > &nodes) (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeinline
setQuad(const Vec3 &p0, const Vec3 &p1, const Vec3 &p2, const Vec3 &p3)Quad
~ArenaNode() (defined in ArenaNode)ArenaNodeinlinevirtual
~Quad() (defined in Quad)Quadinlinevirtual