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LightNode Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 LightNode (scene::ISceneManager *mgr, scene::ISceneNode *parent, float energy, float d, float r, float g, float b)
virtual void render () OVERRIDE
virtual const core::aabbox3d< f32 > & getBoundingBox () const OVERRIDE
virtual void OnRegisterSceneNode () OVERRIDE
virtual u32 getMaterialCount () const OVERRIDE
virtual bool isPointLight ()
float getRadius () const
float getEnergy () const
float getEffectiveEnergy () const
core::vector3df getColor () const
void setColor (float r, float g, float b)
float getEnergyMultiplier () const
void setEnergyMultiplier (float newval)
void setEnergy (float energy)
void setRadius (float radius)

Protected Attributes

float m_radius
float m_color [3]
float m_energy
float m_energy_multiplier
 The energy multiplier is in range [0, 1] and is used to fade in lights when they come in range.

Static Protected Attributes

static core::aabbox3df box

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