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RTT Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RTT (unsigned int width, unsigned int height, float rtt_scale=1.0f, bool use_default_fbo_only=false)
unsigned int getWidth () const
unsigned int getHeight () const
FrameBufferLayergetShadowFrameBuffer ()
unsigned getDepthStencilTexture () const
unsigned getRenderTarget (enum TypeRTT target) const
FrameBuffergetFBO (enum TypeFBO fbo)

Private Member Functions


Private Attributes

unsigned m_render_target_textures [RTT_COUNT] = {}
FrameBufferm_frame_buffers [FBO_COUNT] = {}
unsigned m_depth_stencil_tex = 0
unsigned int m_width
unsigned int m_height
unsigned m_shadow_depth_tex = 0

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