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STKTextBillboard Class Reference
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struct  GLTB
struct  STKTextBillboardChar

Public Member Functions

 STKTextBillboard (const video::SColor &color_top, const video::SColor &color_bottom, ISceneNode *parent, ISceneManager *mgr, s32 id, const core::vector3df &position, const core::vector3df &scale=core::vector3df(1, 1, 1))
void clearBuffer ()
void reload ()
virtual void collectChar (video::ITexture *texture, const core::rect< float > &dest_rect, const core::rect< irr::s32 > &source_rect, const video::SColor *const colors)
virtual void updateAbsolutePosition ()
virtual void OnRegisterSceneNode ()
virtual void render ()
virtual const core::aabbox3df & getBoundingBox () const
void init (const core::stringw &text, FontWithFace *face)
void initLegacy (const core::stringw &text, FontWithFace *face)
void draw (video::ITexture *tex) const
std::vector< video::ITexture * > getAllTBTextures () const
void updateGLInstanceData () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void updateAllTextBillboards ()

Private Member Functions

float getDefaultScale (FontWithFace *face)
- Private Member Functions inherited from FontWithFace::FontCharCollector
virtual void collectChar (video::ITexture *texture, const core::rect< float > &destRect, const core::rect< s32 > &sourceRect, const video::SColor *const colors)=0
 Collect the character info for billboard text. More...

Private Attributes

SP::SPInstancedData m_instanced_data
GLuint m_instanced_array = 0
std::vector< STKTextBillboardChar > * m_chars = NULL
video::SColor m_color_top
video::SColor m_color_bottom
std::unordered_map< video::ITexture *, std::vector< std::array< GLTB, 4 > > > m_gl_tbs
std::unordered_map< video::ITexture *, std::pair< GLuint, GLuint > > m_vao_vbos
std::unordered_map< video::ITexture *, IMeshBuffer * > m_gl_mb
core::aabbox3df m_bbox
core::stringw m_text

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