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STKTexture Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 STKTexture (const std::string &path, TexConfig *tc, bool no_upload=false)
 STKTexture (uint8_t *data, const std::string &name, unsigned int size, bool single_channel=false)
 STKTexture (video::IImage *img, const std::string &name)
virtual void * lock (video::E_TEXTURE_LOCK_MODE mode=video::ETLM_READ_WRITE, u32 mipmap_level=0)
virtual void unlock ()
virtual const core::dimension2d< u32 > & getOriginalSize () const
virtual const core::dimension2d< u32 > & getSize () const
virtual video::E_DRIVER_TYPE getDriverType () const
virtual video::ECOLOR_FORMAT getColorFormat () const
virtual u32 getPitch () const
virtual bool hasMipMaps () const
virtual void regenerateMipMapLevels (void *mipmap_data=NULL)
virtual u32 getOpenGLTextureName () const
virtual unsigned int getTextureSize () const
void reload (bool no_upload=false, uint8_t *preload_data=NULL, video::IImage *preload_img=NULL)
video::IImage * getTextureImage ()
bool isMeshTexture () const

Private Member Functions

video::IImage * resizeImage (video::IImage *orig_img, core::dimension2du *orig_size=NULL, core::dimension2du *final_size=NULL) const
void formatConversion (uint8_t *data, unsigned int *format, unsigned int w, unsigned int h) const
bool isSrgb () const
bool isPremulAlpha () const
void applyMask (video::IImage *orig_img)

Private Attributes

core::dimension2d< u32 > m_size
core::dimension2d< u32 > m_orig_size
bool m_single_channel
GLuint m_texture_name
unsigned int m_texture_size
video::IImage * m_texture_image

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