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SoccerWorld::BallGoalData Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
float getDiameter () const
void init (float ball_radius)
void updateBallAndGoal (const Vec3 &ball_pos, float heading)
bool isApproachingGoal (KartTeam team) const
Vec3 getAimPosition (KartTeam team, bool reverse) const
void resetCheckGoal (const Track *t)

Private Attributes

float m_radius
float m_red_goal_slope
float m_blue_goal_slope
btTransform m_trans
Vec3 m_red_goal_1
Vec3 m_red_goal_2
Vec3 m_red_goal_3
Vec3 m_blue_goal_1
Vec3 m_blue_goal_2
Vec3 m_blue_goal_3

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