Vec3 Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vec3, including all inherited members.

getHeading() constVec3inline
getPitch() constVec3inline
getRoll() constVec3inline
getW() constVec3inline
length2_2d() constVec3inline
length_2d() constVec3inline
max(const Vec3 &a)Vec3inline
min(const Vec3 &a)Vec3inline
operator!=(const Vec3 &other) constVec3inline
operator-(const Vec3 &v1) constVec3inline
operator-(const btVector3 v1) constVec3inline
operator=(const btVector3 &a)Vec3inline
operator=(const btQuaternion &q)Vec3inline
operator==(const Vec3 &other) constVec3inline
operator[](int n) constVec3inline
operator[](int n)Vec3inline
setHeading(float f)Vec3inline
setHPR(const btQuaternion &q)Vec3
setPitch(float f)Vec3inline
setPitchRoll(const Vec3 &normal)Vec3private
setRoll(float f)Vec3inline
sideOfLine2D(const Vec3 &start, const Vec3 &end) constVec3inline
sideofPlane(const Vec3 &x1, const Vec3 &x2, const Vec3 &x3) const (defined in Vec3)Vec3inline
toIrrHPR() constVec3inline
toIrrVector() constVec3inline
toIrrVector2d() constVec3inline
Vec3(const core::vector3df &v)Vec3inline
Vec3(const btVector3 &a)Vec3inline
Vec3(float x, float y, float z)Vec3inline
Vec3(float x, float y, float z, float w)Vec3inline
Vec3(float x)Vec3inline
Vec3(float heading, const Vec3 &normal)Vec3inline