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SP::Armature Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void read (irr::io::IReadFile *spm)
void getPose (float frame, std::array< float, 16 > *dest)
void getPose (float frame, core::matrix4 *dest)
void getInterpolatedMatrices (float frame)
core::matrix4 getWorldMatrix (const std::vector< core::matrix4 > &matrix, unsigned id)

Public Attributes

unsigned m_joint_used
std::vector< std::string > m_joint_names
std::vector< core::matrix4 > m_joint_matrices
std::vector< core::matrix4 > m_interpolated_matrices
std::vector< std::pair< core::matrix4, bool > > m_world_matrices
std::vector< int > m_parent_infos
std::vector< std::pair< int, std::vector< LocRotScale > > > m_frame_pose_matrices

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