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CutsceneGUI Class Reference

Handles the overlay for cutscenes. More...

#include <cutscene_gui.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void setFadeLevel (float level)
void setSubtitle (const core::stringw &subtitle)
virtual void renderGlobal (float dt) OVERRIDE
 Updates lightning related information.
virtual void renderPlayerView (const Camera *camera, float dt) OVERRIDE
virtual const core::dimension2du getMiniMapSize () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the size of the texture on which to render the minimap to. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RaceGUIBase
virtual ~RaceGUIBase ()
 The destructor removes the marker texture and the referee scene node.
virtual void init ()
 This is a second initialisation call (after the constructor) for the race gui. More...
virtual void reset ()
 This is called when restarting a race. More...
virtual void addMessage (const irr::core::stringw &m, const AbstractKart *kart, float time, const video::SColor &color=video::SColor(255, 255, 0, 255), bool important=true, bool big_font=false, bool outline=false)
 Adds a message to the message queue. More...
virtual void update (float dt)
 Update, called once per frame. More...
virtual void preRenderCallback (const Camera *camera)
 This function is called just before rendering the view for each kart. More...
virtual void calculateMinimapSize ()
virtual void clearAllMessages ()
void drawGlobalPlayerIcons (int bottom_margin)
 Draw players icons and, depending on the current mode, their time or their score (battle lives, egg collected, etc.).
void drawPlayerIcon (AbstractKart *kart, int x, int y, int w, bool is_local)
 Draw one player icon Takes care of icon looking different due to plumber, squashing, ...
virtual void drawEnergyMeter (int x, int y, const AbstractKart *kart, const core::recti &viewport, const core::vector2df &scaling)
void cleanupMessages (const float dt)
 Removes messages which have been displayed long enough. More...
void removeReferee ()
RaceGUIMultitouchgetMultitouchGUI ()
void recreateGUI ()
virtual void initSize ()
 Called when loading the race gui or screen resized. More...

Private Attributes

float m_fade_level
core::stringw m_subtitle

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from RaceGUIBase
bool m_enabled
- Protected Types inherited from RaceGUIBase
 State of the plunger: From the 'init' states the plunger switches between two slow moving states ('shakily moving') till the end of the plunger time is nearly reached, then it goes to a very fast moving state ('plunger blown off'). More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RaceGUIBase
void createRegularPolygon (unsigned int n, float radius, const core::vector2df &center, const video::SColor &color, video::S3DVertex *v, unsigned short int *index)
 Creates the 2D vertices for a regular polygon. More...
void drawAllMessages (const AbstractKart *kart, const core::recti &viewport, const core::vector2df &scaling)
 Displays all messages in the message queue.
void drawPowerupIcons (const AbstractKart *kart, const core::recti &viewport, const core::vector2df &scaling)
 Draws the powerup icons on the screen (called once for each player). More...
void drawGlobalMusicDescription ()
 Displays the description given for the music currently being played. More...
void drawGlobalReadySetGo ()
 Draws the ready-set-go message on the screen.
void drawGlobalGoal ()
void drawPlungerInFace (const Camera *camera, float dt)
 Draws the plunger-in-face if necessary. More...
void ignoreUnimportantMessages ()
 Instructs the base gui to ignore unimportant messages (like item messages).
- Protected Attributes inherited from RaceGUIBase
enum RaceGUIBase::PlungerState m_plunger_state
float m_plunger_move_time
 How long the plunger should stay in the current state. More...
core::vector2di m_plunger_offset
 Offset of the plunger. More...
core::vector2df m_plunger_speed
video::ITexture * m_gauge_empty
 The size of a single marker in pixels, must be a power of 2. More...
video::ITexture * m_gauge_full
 Default texture for nitro gauge. More...
video::ITexture * m_gauge_full_bright
 Highlight gauge, used when a kart uses nitro. More...
video::ITexture * m_gauge_goal
video::ITexture * m_icons_frame
 The frame around player karts in the mini map. More...
video::ITexture * m_icons_kart_list
 The frame around player karts in the kart list. More...
video::ITexture * m_lap_flag
 Texture for the lap icon.
float m_dist_show_overlap
 Distance on track to begin showing overlap in drawGlobalPlayerIcons.
float m_icons_inertia
 can be zero
std::vector< core::vector2d< s32 > > m_previous_icons_position
 can be zero More...
std::vector< KartIconDisplayInfom_kart_display_infos
 This vector is passed to world to be filled with the current race data information. More...

Detailed Description

Handles the overlay for cutscenes.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMiniMapSize()

virtual const core::dimension2du CutsceneGUI::getMiniMapSize ( ) const

Returns the size of the texture on which to render the minimap to.

Implements RaceGUIBase.

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