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IrrDebugDrawer Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  DebugModeType { DM_NONE = 0x00, DM_KARTS_PHYSICS = 0x01, DM_NO_KARTS_GRAPHICS = 0x02 }
 The drawing mode to use: If bit 0 is set, draw the bullet collision shape of karts If bit 1 is set, don't draw the kart graphics.

Public Member Functions

void render (float dt)
virtual void drawLine (const btVector3 &from, const btVector3 &to, const btVector3 &color)
 Draws a line. More...
virtual void drawContactPoint (const btVector3 &Point_on_b, const btVector3 &normal_on_b, btScalar distance, int life_time, const btVector3 &color)
 optional debug methods
virtual void reportErrorWarning (const char *warningString)
virtual void draw3dText (const btVector3 &location, const char *textString)
bool debugEnabled () const
 Returns true if debug mode is enabled. More...
void nextDebugMode ()
 Activates the next debug mode, or switches the mode off again.
void setDebugMode (DebugModeType mode)
void beginNextFrame ()
const std::map< video::SColor, std::vector< float > > & getLines () const

Public Attributes

DebugModeType m_debug_mode
std::map< video::SColor, std::vector< float > > m_lines
Vec3 m_camera_pos

Protected Member Functions

virtual void setDebugMode (int debug_mode)
virtual int getDebugMode () const
 Callback for bullet: if debug drawing should be done or not. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ debugEnabled()

bool IrrDebugDrawer::debugEnabled ( ) const

Returns true if debug mode is enabled.

◆ drawLine()

void IrrDebugDrawer::drawLine ( const btVector3 &  from,
const btVector3 &  to,
const btVector3 &  color 

Draws a line.

◆ getDebugMode()

virtual int IrrDebugDrawer::getDebugMode ( ) const

Callback for bullet: if debug drawing should be done or not.

Note that getDebugMode is even called when debug_drawing is disabled (i.e. not via Physics::draw()), but internally from bullet. So we have to make sure to return nodebug if debugging is disabled.

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