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PtrVector< TYPE, type > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

void push_back (TYPE *t)
void swap (int ID1, int ID2)
TYPE * get (const int ID)
const TYPE * get (const int ID) const
unsigned int size () const
void erase (const int ID)
TYPE * remove (const int ID)
bool contains (const TYPE *instance) const
void clearAndDeleteAll ()
TYPE & operator[] (const unsigned int ID)
const TYPE & operator[] (const unsigned int ID) const
void clearWithoutDeleting ()
void remove (TYPE *obj)
 Removes without deleting.
AlignedArray< TYPE * >::iterator begin ()
AlignedArray< TYPE * >::iterator end ()
AlignedArray< TYPE * >::const_iterator begin () const
AlignedArray< TYPE * >::const_iterator end () const
bool erase (void *obj)
 Removes and deletes the given object.
void insertionSort (unsigned int start=0, bool desc=false)
bool empty () const

Public Attributes

AlignedArray< TYPE * > m_contents_vector

Member Function Documentation

◆ erase()

template<typename TYPE , VECTOR_TYPE type = HOLD>
bool PtrVector< TYPE, type >::erase ( void *  obj)

Removes and deletes the given object.

whether this object was found in the vector and deleted

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