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RandomGenerator Class Reference

A random number generator. More...

#include <random_generator.hpp>

Public Member Functions

int get (int n)
 Returns a pseudo random number between 0 and n-1 inclusive.
void seed (int s)

Private Attributes

unsigned int m_random_value
unsigned int m_a
unsigned int m_c

Static Private Attributes

static std::vector< RandomGenerator * > m_all_random_generators

Detailed Description

A random number generator.

Each objects that needs a random number uses its own number random generator. They are all seeded with number provided by the server. This guarantees that in a network game all 'random' values are actually identical among all machines. The formula used is x(n+1)=(a*x(n)+c) % m, but m is assumed to be 2^32, so the modulo operation can be skipped (for 4 byte integers).

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