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RemoteKartInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RemoteKartInfo (int player_id, const std::string &kart_name, const irr::core::stringw &user_name, uint32_t host_id, bool network)
 RemoteKartInfo (const std::string &kart_name)
void setKartName (const std::string &n)
void setPlayerName (const irr::core::stringw &u)
void setHostId (uint32_t id)
void setLocalPlayerId (int id)
void setGlobalPlayerId (int id)
void setKartTeam (KartTeam team)
void setNetworkPlayer (bool value)
void setDefaultKartColor (float value)
void setHandicap (HandicapLevel value)
void setOnlineId (uint32_t id)
uint32_t getHostId () const
int getLocalPlayerId () const
int getGlobalPlayerId () const
bool isNetworkPlayer () const
const std::string & getKartName () const
const irr::core::stringw & getPlayerName () const
KartTeam getKartTeam () const
HandicapLevel getHandicap () const
float getDefaultKartColor () const
uint32_t getOnlineId () const
void setCountryCode (const std::string &id)
const std::string & getCountryCode () const
void setNetworkPlayerProfile (std::weak_ptr< NetworkPlayerProfile > npp)
std::weak_ptr< NetworkPlayerProfilegetNetworkPlayerProfile () const
bool disconnected () const
bool isReserved () const
void makeReserved ()
void copyFrom (std::shared_ptr< NetworkPlayerProfile > p, unsigned local_id)
bool operator< (const RemoteKartInfo &other) const

Private Attributes

std::string m_kart_name
irr::core::stringw m_user_name
int m_local_player_id
int m_global_player_id
uint32_t m_host_id
KartTeam m_kart_team
bool m_network_player
HandicapLevel m_handicap
float m_default_kart_color
uint32_t m_online_id
std::string m_country_code
std::weak_ptr< NetworkPlayerProfilem_profile

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