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SP::SPTextureManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SP::SPTextureManager:
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Public Member Functions

void stopThreads ()
void removeUnusedTextures ()
void addThreadedFunction (std::function< bool()> threaded_function)
void addGLCommandFunction (std::function< bool()> function)
void increaseGLCommandFunctionCount (int count)
void checkForGLCommand (bool before_scene=false)
std::shared_ptr< SPTexturegetTexture (const std::string &p, Material *m, bool undo_srgb, const std::string &container_id)
void dumpAllTextures ()
irr::core::stringw reloadTexture (const irr::core::stringw &name)

Static Public Member Functions

static SPTextureManagerget ()
static void destroy ()

Private Attributes

std::map< std::string, std::shared_ptr< SPTexture > > m_textures
std::atomic_uint m_max_threaded_load_obj
std::atomic_int m_gl_cmd_function_count
std::list< std::function< bool()> > m_threaded_functions
std::list< std::function< bool()> > m_gl_cmd_functions
std::mutex m_thread_obj_mutex
std::mutex m_gl_cmd_mutex
std::condition_variable m_thread_obj_cv
std::list< std::thread > m_threaded_load_obj

Static Private Attributes

static SPTextureManagerm_sptm = NULL

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