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ReplayBase::BonusInfo Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int m_attachment
 The attachment.
float m_nitro_amount
 The nitro amount at a certain time.
int m_item_amount
 The number of items at a certain time.
int m_item_type
 The type of item at a certain time.
int m_special_value
 Used to store mode-specific values : eggs in egg-hunt, number of lives in battle-mode.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_attachment

int ReplayBase::BonusInfo::m_attachment

The attachment.

This is stored using a custom format 0 = none ; 1 = parachute ; 2 = anvil ; 3 = bomb ; 4 = swatter ; 5 = bubblegum This is necessary so replay files are not broken if the game internal attachment format/ordering is changed.

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