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SoccerWorld::ScorerData Struct Reference

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_id
 World ID of kart which scores. More...
bool m_correct_goal
 Whether this goal is socred correctly (identify for own goal). More...
float m_time
 Time goal. More...
std::string m_kart
 Kart ident which scores. More...
core::stringw m_player
 Player name which scores. More...
std::string m_country_code
 Country code of player. More...
HandicapLevel m_handicap_level
 Handicap of player. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_correct_goal

bool SoccerWorld::ScorerData::m_correct_goal

Whether this goal is socred correctly (identify for own goal).

◆ m_country_code

std::string SoccerWorld::ScorerData::m_country_code

Country code of player.

◆ m_handicap_level

HandicapLevel SoccerWorld::ScorerData::m_handicap_level

Handicap of player.

◆ m_id

unsigned int SoccerWorld::ScorerData::m_id

World ID of kart which scores.

◆ m_kart

std::string SoccerWorld::ScorerData::m_kart

Kart ident which scores.

◆ m_player

core::stringw SoccerWorld::ScorerData::m_player

Player name which scores.

◆ m_time

float SoccerWorld::ScorerData::m_time

Time goal.

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