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ParticleKind Class Reference

type of particles More...

#include <particle_kind.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ParticleKind (const std::string &file)
 Load a XML file describing a type of particles.
float getMaxSize () const
float getMinSize () const
int getMinRate () const
int getMaxRate () const
EmitterShape getShape () const
MaterialgetMaterial () const
int getMaxLifetime () const
int getMinLifetime () const
int getFadeoutTime () const
video::SColor getMinColor () const
video::SColor getMaxColor () const
float getBoxSizeX () const
float getBoxSizeY () const
float getBoxSizeZ () const
float getSphereRadius () const
int getAngleSpread () const
float getVelocityX () const
float getVelocityY () const
float getVelocityZ () const
void setBoxSizeXZ (float x, float z)
int getEmissionDecayRate () const
bool hasScaleAffector () const
float getScaleAffectorFactorX () const
float getScaleAffectorFactorY () const
bool getFlips () const
bool isVerticalParticles () const
bool randomizeInitialY () const
const std::string & getName () const

Private Attributes

float m_max_size
 Size of the particles.
float m_min_size
int m_angle_spread
float m_velocity_x
float m_velocity_y
float m_velocity_z
EmitterShape m_shape
int m_min_rate
 Minimal emission rate in particles per second.
int m_max_rate
 Maximal emission rate in particles per second.
int m_lifetime_min
int m_lifetime_max
int m_fadeout_time
video::SColor m_min_start_color
video::SColor m_max_start_color
float m_box_x
 For box emitters only.
float m_box_y
float m_box_z
float m_sphere_radius
 For sphere emitters only.
int m_emission_decay_rate
bool m_flips
std::string m_name
std::string m_material_file
bool m_has_scale_affector
float m_scale_affector_factor_x
float m_scale_affector_factor_y
bool m_vertical_particles
 The particle's billboards should face the player by rotating around the Y axis only.
bool m_randomize_initial_y
 Used mainly for weather, like snow.

Detailed Description

type of particles

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ParticleKind()

ParticleKind::ParticleKind ( const std::string &  file)

Load a XML file describing a type of particles.

fileName of the file to load (no full path)
std::runtime_errorIf the file cannot be found or is heavily malformed

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