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SFXBase Class Referenceabstract

The base class for sound effects. More...

#include <sfx_base.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  SFXStatus : int {
 Status of a sound effect. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual bool init ()=0
 Late creation, if SFX was initially disabled.
virtual bool isLooped ()=0
virtual void updatePlayingSFX (float dt)=0
virtual void setPosition (const Vec3 &p)=0
virtual void reallySetPosition (const Vec3 &p)=0
virtual void setSpeedPosition (float factor, const Vec3 &p)=0
virtual void reallySetSpeedPosition (float f, const Vec3 &p)=0
virtual void setLoop (bool status)=0
virtual void reallySetLoop (bool status)=0
virtual void play ()=0
virtual void reallyPlayNow (SFXBuffer *buffer=NULL)=0
virtual void play (const Vec3 &xyz, SFXBuffer *buffer=NULL)=0
virtual void reallyPlayNow (const Vec3 &xyz, SFXBuffer *buffer=NULL)=0
virtual void stop ()=0
virtual void reallyStopNow ()=0
virtual void pause ()=0
virtual void reallyPauseNow ()=0
virtual void resume ()=0
virtual void reallyResumeNow ()=0
virtual void deleteSFX ()=0
virtual void setSpeed (float factor)=0
virtual void reallySetSpeed (float factor)=0
virtual void setVolume (float gain)=0
virtual void reallySetVolume (float gain)=0
virtual void setMasterVolume (float gain)=0
virtual void reallySetMasterVolumeNow (float gain)=0
virtual void onSoundEnabledBack ()=0
virtual void setRolloff (float rolloff)=0
virtual SFXBuffergetBuffer () const =0
virtual SFXStatus getStatus ()=0

Detailed Description

The base class for sound effects.

It gets a sound buffer from the sound manager, which is shared between all instances. To create a new sound effect object, use sfx_manager->getSFX(...); do not create an instance with new, since SFXManager makes sure to stop/restart all SFX (esp. looping sfx like engine sounds) when necessary.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ SFXStatus

enum SFXBase::SFXStatus : int

Status of a sound effect.

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