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SP::SPDynamicDrawCall Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SPDynamicDrawCall (scene::E_PRIMITIVE_TYPE pt, std::shared_ptr< SPShader > shader, Material *m)
virtual void draw (DrawCallType dct=DCT_NORMAL, int material_id=-1) const
virtual void uploadInstanceData ()
virtual void uploadGLMesh ()
virtual void enableTextureMatrix (unsigned mat_id)
std::vector< video::S3DVertexSkinnedMesh > & getVerticesVector ()
core::vector2df & getTextureTrans ()
void setUpdateOffset (int offset)
bool isVisible () const
void setVisible (bool val)
core::matrix4 getAbsoluteTransformation () const
void removeFromSP ()
bool isRemoving () const
bool notReadyFromDrawing () const
void setTransformation (const core::matrix4 &mat)
void setPosition (const core::vector3df pos)
void setRotationRadians (const core::vector3df rot)
void setRotationDegrees (const core::vector3df rot)
void setScale (const core::vector3df scale)
void setParent (scene::ISceneNode *parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SP::SPMeshBuffer
bool combineMeshBuffer (SPMeshBuffer *spmb, bool different_material=true)
void initDrawMaterial ()
void enableSkinningData ()
MaterialgetSTKMaterial (unsigned first_index=0) const
void enableTextureMatrix (unsigned mat_id)
std::array< std::shared_ptr< SPTexture >, 6 > & getSPTextures (unsigned first_index=0)
const std::array< std::shared_ptr< SPTexture >, 6 > & getSPTexturesByMaterialID (int material_id) const
std::vector< Material * > getAllSTKMaterials () const
const std::unordered_map< std::string, unsigned > & getTextureCompare () const
int getMaterialID (const std::string &tex_cmp) const
void addInstanceData (const SPInstancedData &id, DrawCallType dct)
void recreateVAO (unsigned i)
video::S3DVertexSkinnedMesh * getSPMVertex ()
void addSPMVertex (const video::S3DVertexSkinnedMesh &v)
void addIndex (uint16_t idx)
void setSPMVertices (std::vector< video::S3DVertexSkinnedMesh > &vertices)
void setIndices (std::vector< uint16_t > &indices)
void setSTKMaterial (Material *m)
void reloadTextureCompare ()
void shrinkToFit ()
SPShadergetShader (bool skinned=false) const
virtual const video::SMaterial & getMaterial () const
virtual video::SMaterial & getMaterial ()
virtual const void * getVertices () const
virtual void * getVertices ()
virtual u32 getVertexCount () const
virtual video::E_INDEX_TYPE getIndexType () const
virtual const u16 * getIndices () const
virtual u16 * getIndices ()
virtual u32 getIndexCount () const
virtual const core::aabbox3d< f32 > & getBoundingBox () const
virtual void setBoundingBox (const core::aabbox3df &box)
virtual void recalculateBoundingBox ()
virtual video::E_VERTEX_TYPE getVertexType () const
virtual const core::vector3df & getPosition (u32 i) const
virtual core::vector3df & getPosition (u32 i)
virtual const core::vector3df & getNormal (u32 i) const
virtual core::vector3df & getNormal (u32 i)
virtual const core::vector2df & getTCoords (u32 i) const
virtual core::vector2df & getTCoords (u32 i)
virtual scene::E_PRIMITIVE_TYPE getPrimitiveType () const
virtual void append (const void *const vertices, u32 numm_vertices, const u16 *const indices, u32 numm_indices)
virtual void append (const IMeshBuffer *const other)
virtual E_HARDWARE_MAPPING getHardwareMappingHint_Vertex () const
virtual E_HARDWARE_MAPPING getHardwareMappingHint_Index () const
virtual void setHardwareMappingHint (E_HARDWARE_MAPPING, E_BUFFER_TYPE Buffer)
virtual void setDirty (E_BUFFER_TYPE Buffer=EBT_VERTEX_AND_INDEX)
virtual u32 getChangedID_Vertex () const
virtual u32 getChangedID_Index () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SP::SPPerObjectUniform
void addAssignerFunction (const std::string &name, std::function< void(SPUniformAssigner *)> func)
void removeAssignerFunction (const std::string &name)
bool hasUniform (const std::string &name) const
bool assignUniform (const std::string &name, SPUniformAssigner *ua) const
bool isEmpty () const

Private Member Functions

bool initTextureDyDc ()

Private Attributes

core::matrix4 m_trans
scene::ISceneNode * m_parent = NULL
core::vector2df m_texture_trans
scene::E_PRIMITIVE_TYPE m_primitive_type
unsigned m_gl_vbo_size = 4
int m_update_offset = 0
bool m_visible = true
bool m_update_trans = false
bool m_removing = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from SP::SPMeshBuffer
std::shared_ptr< SPShaderm_shaders [2]
std::vector< std::tuple< size_t, unsigned, Material * > > m_stk_material
std::vector< std::array< std::shared_ptr< SPTexture >, 6 > > m_textures
std::unordered_map< std::string, unsigned > m_tex_cmp
std::vector< video::S3DVertexSkinnedMesh > m_vertices
GLuint m_ibo
GLuint m_vbo
GLuint m_vao [DCT_FOR_VAO]
unsigned m_pitch

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