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SP::SPMesh Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual u32 getFrameCount () const
virtual f32 getAnimationSpeed () const
virtual void setAnimationSpeed (f32 fps)
virtual IMesh * getMesh (s32 frame, s32 detailLevel=255, s32 startFrameLoop=-1, s32 endFrameLoop=-1)
virtual void animateMesh (f32 frame, f32 blend)
virtual void skinMesh (f32 strength=1.0f)
virtual u32 getMeshBufferCount () const
virtual IMeshBuffer * getMeshBuffer (u32 nr) const
virtual IMeshBuffer * getMeshBuffer (const video::SMaterial &material) const
virtual const core::aabbox3d< f32 > & getBoundingBox () const
virtual void setBoundingBox (const core::aabbox3df &box)
virtual void setMaterialFlag (video::E_MATERIAL_FLAG flag, bool newvalue)
virtual void setHardwareMappingHint (E_HARDWARE_MAPPING newMappingHint, E_BUFFER_TYPE buffer)
virtual void setDirty (E_BUFFER_TYPE buffer=EBT_VERTEX_AND_INDEX)
virtual E_ANIMATED_MESH_TYPE getMeshType () const
virtual u32 getJointCount () const
virtual const c8 * getJointName (u32 number) const
virtual s32 getJointNumber (const c8 *name) const
virtual bool useAnimationFrom (const ISkinnedMesh *mesh)
virtual void updateNormalsWhenAnimating (bool on)
virtual void setInterpolationMode (E_INTERPOLATION_MODE mode)
virtual bool isStatic ()
virtual bool setHardwareSkinning (bool on)
virtual core::array< SSkinMeshBuffer * > & getMeshBuffers ()
virtual core::array< SJoint * > & getAllJoints ()
virtual const core::array< SJoint * > & getAllJoints () const
virtual void finalize ()
virtual SSkinMeshBuffer * addMeshBuffer ()
virtual SJoint * addJoint (SJoint *parent)
virtual SPositionKey * addPositionKey (SJoint *joint)
virtual SRotationKey * addRotationKey (SJoint *joint)
virtual SScaleKey * addScaleKey (SJoint *joint)
virtual SWeight * addWeight (SJoint *joint)
virtual void updateBoundingBox (void)
std::vector< Armature > & getArmatures ()
void getSkinningMatrices (f32 frame, std::array< float, 16 > *dest, float frame_interpolating=-1.0f, float rate=-1.0f)
s32 getJointIDWithArm (const c8 *name, unsigned *arm_id) const
void addSPMeshBuffer (SPMeshBuffer *spmb)
SPMeshBuffergetSPMeshBuffer (u32 nr) const

Private Attributes

std::vector< SPMeshBuffer * > m_buffer
core::aabbox3d< f32 > m_bounding_box
float m_fps
unsigned m_bind_frame
unsigned m_total_joints
unsigned m_joint_using
unsigned m_frame_count
std::vector< SP::Armaturem_all_armatures


class ::B3DMeshLoader
class ::SPMeshLoader

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