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TrackObjectPresentationActionTrigger Class Reference

A track object representation that consists of an action trigger. More...

#include <track_object_presentation.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 TrackObjectPresentationActionTrigger (const XMLNode &xml_node, TrackObject *parent)
 TrackObjectPresentationActionTrigger (const core::vector3df &xyz, const std::string &scriptname, float distance)
void onTriggerItemApproached (int kart_id)
virtual void reset () OVERRIDE
 Reset the trigger (i.e.
virtual void setEnable (bool status) OVERRIDE
 Sets the trigger to be enabled or disabled.
void setReenableTimeout (float time)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TrackObjectPresentation
 TrackObjectPresentation (const XMLNode &xml_node)
 TrackObjectPresentation (const core::vector3df &xyz, const core::vector3df &hpr=core::vector3df(0, 0, 0), const core::vector3df &scale=core::vector3df(0, 0, 0))
virtual void reset ()
virtual void setEnable (bool enabled)
virtual void updateGraphics (float dt)
virtual void update (float dt)
virtual void move (const core::vector3df &xyz, const core::vector3df &hpr, const core::vector3df &scale, bool isAbsoluteCoord)
virtual const core::vector3df & getPosition () const
 Returns the position of this TrackObjectPresentation.
virtual const core::vector3df getAbsolutePosition () const
 Returns a copy of the initial position.
virtual const core::vector3df getAbsoluteCenterPosition () const
virtual const core::vector3df & getRotation () const
 Returns the initial rotation.
virtual const core::vector3df & getScale () const
 Returns the initial scale.

Private Attributes

std::string m_action
 For action trigger objects.
std::string m_library_id
std::string m_triggered_object
std::string m_library_name
float m_xml_reenable_timeout
uint64_t m_reenable_timeout
ActionTriggerType m_type

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from TrackObjectPresentation
core::vector3df m_init_xyz
 The initial XYZ position of the object.
core::vector3df m_init_hpr
 The initial hpr of the object.
core::vector3df m_init_scale
 The initial scale of the object.

Detailed Description

A track object representation that consists of an action trigger.

Member Function Documentation

◆ reset()

virtual void TrackObjectPresentationActionTrigger::reset ( )

Reset the trigger (i.e.

sets it to active again).

Reimplemented from TrackObjectPresentation.

◆ setEnable()

virtual void TrackObjectPresentationActionTrigger::setEnable ( bool  status)

Sets the trigger to be enabled or disabled.

getMonoTimeMs is used to to avoid called update which duplicated in network rewinding.

Reimplemented from TrackObjectPresentation.

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