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UserConfigParams Namespace Reference

Contains all parameters that are stored in the user's config file. More...


enum  {
  LOG_MEMORY = 0x0001, LOG_GUI = 0x0002, LOG_ADDONS = 0x0004, LOG_MISC = 0x0008,
  LOG_FLYABLE = 0x0010, LOG_ALL = 0xffff
 Some constants to bitmask to enable various messages to be printed. More...


PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_audio_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("Audio", "Audio Settings"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_sfx PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "sfx_on", &m_audio_group, "Whether sound effects are enabled or not (true or false)"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_music PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "music_on", &m_audio_group, "Whether musics are enabled or not (true or false)"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_sfx_volume PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.6f, "sfx_volume", &m_audio_group, "Volume for sound effects, see openal AL_GAIN " "for interpretation"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_music_volume PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.5f, "music_volume", &m_audio_group, "Music volume from 0.0 to 1.0"))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_race_setup_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("RaceSetup", "Race Setup Settings"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_default_num_karts PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(4, "numkarts", &m_race_setup_group, "Default number of karts. -1 means use all"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_num_laps PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(4, "numlaps", &m_race_setup_group, "Default number of laps."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_ffa_time_limit PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(3, "ffa-time-limit", &m_race_setup_group, "Time limit in ffa mode."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_use_ffa_mode PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "use-ffa-mode", &m_race_setup_group, "Use ffa mode instead of 3 strikes battle."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_num_goals PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(3, "numgoals", &m_race_setup_group, "Default number of goals in soccer mode."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_soccer_default_team PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "soccer-default-team", &m_race_setup_group, "Default team in soccer mode for single player."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_soccer_time_limit PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(3, "soccer-time-limit", &m_race_setup_group, "Time limit in soccer mode."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_soccer_use_time_limit PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "soccer-use-time-limit", &m_race_setup_group, "Enable time limit in soccer mode."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_random_arena_item PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "random-arena-item", &m_race_setup_group, "Enable random location of items in an arena."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_difficulty PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "difficulty", &m_race_setup_group, "Default race difficulty. 0=easy, 1=medium, 2=hard"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_game_mode PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "game_mode", &m_race_setup_group, "Game mode. 0=standard, 1=time trial, 2=follow " "the leader, 3=3 strikes"))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_default_kart PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("tux", "kart", "Kart to select by default (the last used kart)"))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_last_used_kart_group PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("all", "last_kart_group", "Last selected kart group"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_soccer_red_ai_num PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "soccer-red-ai-num", &m_race_setup_group, "Number of red AI karts in soccer mode."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_soccer_blue_ai_num PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "soccer-blue-ai-num", &m_race_setup_group, "Number of blue AI karts in soccer mode."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_karts_powerup_gui PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "karts-powerup-gui", &m_race_setup_group, "Show other karts' held powerups in race gui."))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_wiimote_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("WiiMote", "Settings for the wiimote"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_wiimote_raw_max PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(20.0f, "wiimote-raw-max", &m_wiimote_group, "At what raw input value maximum steering is reached (between 1 and 25)."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_wiimote_weight_linear PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(1.0f, "wiimote-weight-linear", &m_wiimote_group, "A weight applied to the linear component of mapping wiimote angle to steering angle"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_wiimote_weight_square PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.0f, "wiimote-weight-square", &m_wiimote_group, "A weight applied to the square component of mapping wiimote angle to steering angle"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_wiimote_weight_asin PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.0f, "wiimote-weight-asin", &m_wiimote_group, "A weight applied to the asin component of mapping wiimote angle to steering angle"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_wiimote_weight_sin PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.0f, "wiimote-weight-sin", &m_wiimote_group, "A weight applied to the sin component of mapping wiimote angle to steering angle"))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_multitouch_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("Multitouch", "Settings for the multitouch device"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_multitouch_active PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(1, "multitouch_active", &m_multitouch_group, "Enable multitouch support: 0 = disabled, 1 = if available, 2 = enabled"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_multitouch_draw_gui PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "multitouch_draw_gui", &m_multitouch_group, "Enable multitouch race GUI"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_multitouch_inverted PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "multitouch_inverted", &m_multitouch_group, "Draw steering wheel on right side."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_multitouch_controls PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "multitouch_controls", &m_multitouch_group, "Multitouch mode: 0 = undefined, 1 = steering wheel, 2 = accelerometer, 3 = gyroscope"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_multitouch_deadzone PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.1f, "multitouch_deadzone", &m_multitouch_group, "A parameter in range [0, 0.5] that determines the zone that is " "considered as centered in steering button."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_multitouch_sensitivity_x PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.2f, "multitouch_sensitivity_x", &m_multitouch_group, "A parameter in range [0, 1.0] that determines the sensitivity for x axis."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_multitouch_sensitivity_y PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.65f, "multitouch_sensitivity_y", &m_multitouch_group, "A parameter in range [0, 1.0] that determines the sensitivity for y axis."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_multitouch_tilt_factor PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(4.0f, "multitouch_tilt_factor", &m_multitouch_group, "A parameter that determines general accelerometer sensitivity."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_multitouch_scale PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(1.2f, "multitouch_scale", &m_multitouch_group, "A parameter in range [0.5, 1.5] that determines the scale of the " "multitouch interface."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_screen_keyboard PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(1, "screen_keyboard_mode", &m_multitouch_group, "Screen keyboard mode: 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled if no hardware " "keyboard, 2 = always enabled"))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_gp_start_order PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("GpStartOrder", "Order karts start in GP"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_gp_most_points_first PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "most_points_first", &m_gp_start_order, "Starting order from most to least points (true) or other " "way around (false)"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_gp_player_last PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "player_last", &m_gp_start_order, "Always put the player at the back or not (Bully mode)."))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_additional_gp_directory PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("", "additional_gp_directory", "Directory with additional GP's."))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_video_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("Video", "Video Settings"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_width PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(1024, "width", &m_video_group, "Screen/window width in pixels"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_height PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(768, "height", &m_video_group, "Screen/window height in pixels"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_fullscreen PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "fullscreen", &m_video_group))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_prev_width PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(1024, "prev_width", &m_video_group, "Previous screen/window width"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_prev_height PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(768, "prev_height", &m_video_group,"Previous screen/window height"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_prev_fullscreen PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "prev_fullscreen", &m_video_group))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_remember_window_location PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "remember_window_location", &m_video_group))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_window_x PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(-1, "window_x", &m_video_group,"If remember_window_location is true"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_window_y PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(-1, "window_y", &m_video_group,"If remember_window_location is true"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_display_fps PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "show_fps", &m_video_group, "Display frame per seconds"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_display_story_mode_timer PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "show_story_mode_timer", &m_video_group, "Display the story mode timer"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_speedrun_mode PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "show_speedrun_timer", &m_video_group, "Display the speedrun timer"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_max_fps PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(120, "max_fps", &m_video_group, "Maximum fps, should be at least 60"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_force_legacy_device PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "force_legacy_device", &m_video_group, "Force OpenGL 2 context, even if OpenGL 3 is available."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam split_screen_horizontally PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "split_screen_horizontally", &m_video_group, "When playing a non-square amount of players (e.g. 2)," " should it split horizontally (top/bottom)"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_texture_compression PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "enable_texture_compression", &m_video_group, "Enable Texture Compression"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_high_definition_textures PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(1, "enable_high_definition_textures", &m_video_group, "Enable high definition textures. Bit flag: " "bit 0 = enabled/disabled; bit 1 = set by user/set as default"))
 This is a bit flag: bit 0: enabled (1) or disabled(0). More...
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_glow PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "enable_glow", &m_video_group, "Enable Glow"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_bloom PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "enable_bloom", &m_video_group, "Enable Bloom"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_light_shaft PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "enable_light_shaft", &m_video_group, "Enable Light Shafts"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_dynamic_lights PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "enable_dynamic_lights", &m_video_group, "Enable Dynamic Lights"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_dof PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "enable_dof", &m_video_group, "Enable Depth of Field"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_old_driver_popup PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "old_driver_popup", &m_video_group, "Determines if popup message about too old drivers should be displayed."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_scale_rtts_factor PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(1.0f, "scale_rtts_factor", &m_video_group, "Allows one to increase performance by setting lower RTTs " "resolution. Value should be smaller or equal to 1.0"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_max_texture_size PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(512, "max_texture_size", &m_video_group, "Max texture size when high definition textures are " "disabled"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_hq_mipmap PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "hq_mipmap", &m_video_group, "Generate mipmap for textures using " "high quality method with SSE"))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_font_size PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(3, "font_size", &m_video_group,"The size of fonts. 0 is the smallest and 6 is the biggest"))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_recording_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("Recording", "Recording Settings"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_limit_game_fps PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "limit_game_fps", &m_recording_group, "Limit game framerate not beyond the fps of" " recording video."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_video_format PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "video_format", &m_recording_group, "Specify the video for record, which is the enum" " of VideoFormat in libopenglrecorder. It will" " auto fallback to MJPEG if libopenglrecorder was" " not compiled with such video encoder."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_audio_bitrate PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(112000, "audio_bitrate", &m_recording_group, "Specify the bitrate for audio"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_video_bitrate PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(20000, "video_bitrate", &m_recording_group, "Specify the bitrate for video"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_recorder_jpg_quality PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(90, "recorder_jpg_quality", &m_recording_group, "Specify the jpg compression level of recorder"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_record_fps PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(30, "record_fps", &m_recording_group, "Specify the fps of recording video"))
PARAM_PREFIX bool m_unit_testing PARAM_DEFAULT (false)
 If gamepad debugging is enabled. More...
PARAM_PREFIX int m_verbosity PARAM_DEFAULT (0)
 Verbosity level for debug messages. More...
PARAM_PREFIX bool m_enable_sound PARAM_DEFAULT (true)
PARAM_PREFIX StringToUIntUserConfigParam m_stun_servers PARAM_DEFAULT (StringToUIntUserConfigParam("stun-servers-ipv6", "The stun servers that will be used to know the public address " "(including ipv6) with port", {{ "stun-server", "address", "ping" }}, { { "", 0u }, { "", 0u }, { "", 0u }, { "", 0u }, { "", 0u }, { "", 0u } }))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_network_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("Network", "Network Settings"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_log_packets PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "log-network-packets", &m_network_group, "If all network packets should be logged"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_random_client_port PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "random-client-port", &m_network_group, "Use random port for client connection " "(check stk_config.xml for default value)"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_random_server_port PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "random-server-port", &m_network_group, "Use random port for server connection " "(check stk_config.xml for default value)"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_lobby_chat PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "lobby-chat", &m_network_group, "Enable chatting in networking lobby, if off than " "no chat message will be displayed from any players."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_race_chat PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "race-chat", &m_network_group, "Enable chatting during races."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_max_players PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(8, "max-players", &m_network_group, "Maximum number of players on the server " "(for gui server creation."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_timer_sync_difference_tolerance PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(5, "timer-sync-difference-tolerance", &m_network_group, "Max time difference tolerance (in ms) to synchronize timer with server."))
PARAM_PREFIX UIntToUIntUserConfigParam m_num_karts_per_gamemode PARAM_DEFAULT (UIntToUIntUserConfigParam("num-karts-per-gamemode", "The Number of karts per gamemode.", {{ "gamemode-list", "gamemode", "num-karts" }}, { { 0u, 4u }, { 1002u, 5u }, { 1100u, 4u }, { 1101u, 4u }, { 2000u, 4u }, { 2001u, 4u } }))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_graphics_quality PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("GFX", "Graphics Quality Settings"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_particles_effects PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(2, "particles-effecs", &m_graphics_quality, "Particles effects: 0 disabled, 1 only important, 2 enabled"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_xmas_mode PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "christmas-mode", &m_graphics_quality, "Christmas hats: 0 use current date, 1 always on, 2 always off"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_easter_ear_mode PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "easter-ear-mode", &m_graphics_quality, "Easter Bunny Ears: 0 use current date, 1 always on, 2 always off"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_animated_characters PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "animated-characters", &m_graphics_quality, "Whether to display animated characters"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_geometry_level PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(GEOLEVEL_0, "geometry_level", &m_graphics_quality, "Geometry quality 0=everything is displayed; " "1=a few details are displayed; 2=lowest level, no details"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_anisotropic PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(4, "anisotropic", &m_graphics_quality, "Quality of anisotropic filtering (usual values include 2-4-8-16; 0 to disable)"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_swap_interval PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "swap_interval", &m_graphics_quality, "Swap interval for vsync: 0 = disabled, 1 = full, 2 = half"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_motionblur PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "motionblur_enabled", &m_graphics_quality, "Whether motion blur should be enabled"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_mlaa PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "mlaa", &m_graphics_quality, "Whether MLAA anti-aliasing should be enabled"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_ssao PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "ssao", &m_graphics_quality, "Enable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_light_scatter PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "light_scatter", &m_graphics_quality, "Enable light scattering shaders"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_degraded_IBL PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "Degraded_IBL", &m_graphics_quality, "Disable specular IBL"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_cache_overworld PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(true, "cache-overworld"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_crashed PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "crashed"))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_camera PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("camera", "(Debug) camera settings."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_reverse_look_threshold PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "reverse_look_threshold", &m_camera, "If the kart is driving backwards faster than this value,\n" "switch automatically to reverse camera (set to 0 to disable)."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_fpscam_direction_speed PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.003f, "fpscam_rotation_speed", &m_camera, "How fast the first person camera's direction speed changes when\n" "moving the mouse (means acceleration)."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_fpscam_smooth_direction_max_speed PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.04f, "fpscam_smooth_rotation_max_speed", &m_camera, "How fast the first person camera's direction can change."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_fpscam_angular_velocity PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(0.02f, "fpscam_angular_velocity", &m_camera, "How fast the first person camera's rotation speed changes."))
PARAM_PREFIX FloatUserConfigParam m_fpscam_max_angular_velocity PARAM_DEFAULT (FloatUserConfigParam(1.0f, "fpscam_max_angular_velocity", &m_camera, "How fast the first person camera can rotate."))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_item_style PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("items", "item_style", "Name of the .items file to use."))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_last_track PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("olivermath", "last_track", "Name of the last track used."))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_last_used_track_group PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("all", "last_track_group", "Last selected track group"))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_skin_file PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("peach", "skin_name", "Name of the skin to use"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_minimap_display PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "minimap_display", "Minimap: 0 bottom-left, 1 middle-right, 2 hidden, 3 center"))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_handicap PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("Handicap", "Everything related to handicaps."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_per_player_difficulty PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "per_player_difficulty", &m_handicap, "If handicapped users can be selected"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_internet_status PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "enable_internet", "Status of internet: 0 user " "wasn't asked, 1: allowed, 2: " "not allowed"))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_hw_report_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("HWReport", "Everything related to hardware configuration."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_last_hw_report_version PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "report-version", &m_hw_report_group, "Version of hardware report " "that was reported last"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_random_identifier PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "random-identifier", &m_hw_report_group, "A random number to avoid duplicated reports."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_hw_report_enable PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "hw-report-enabled", &m_hw_report_group, "If HW reports are enabled."))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_always_show_login_screen PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "always_show_login_screen", "Always show the login screen even if last player's session was saved."))
PARAM_PREFIX GroupUserConfigParam m_addon_group PARAM_DEFAULT (GroupUserConfigParam("AddonServer", "Addon and news related settings"))
PARAM_PREFIX TimeUserConfigParam m_news_last_updated PARAM_DEFAULT (TimeUserConfigParam(0, "news_last_updated", &m_addon_group, "Time news was updated last."))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_news_frequency PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "news_frequency", &m_addon_group, "How often news should be updated."))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_display_count PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("", "news_display_count", &m_addon_group, "How often all news messages " "have been displayed"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_last_important_message_id PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(-1, "last_important_message_id", &m_addon_group, "Don't show important message " "with this or a lower id again"))
PARAM_PREFIX TimeUserConfigParam m_addons_last_updated PARAM_DEFAULT (TimeUserConfigParam(0, "addon_last_updated", &m_addon_group, "Time addon-list was updated last."))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_language PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("system", "language", "Which language to use (language code or 'system')"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_artist_debug_mode PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "artist_debug_mode", "Whether to enable track debugging features"))
PARAM_PREFIX BoolUserConfigParam m_hide_gui PARAM_DEFAULT (BoolUserConfigParam(false, "debug_hide_gui", "Whether to hide the GUI (artist debug mode)"))
PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_unlock_everything PARAM_DEFAULT (IntUserConfigParam(0, "unlock_everything", "Enable all karts and tracks: 0 = disabled, " "1 = everything except final race, 2 = everything"))
PARAM_PREFIX StringUserConfigParam m_commandline PARAM_DEFAULT (StringUserConfigParam("", "commandline", "Allows one to set commandline args in config file"))
bool logMemory ()
 Returns true if the user want additional messages for memory usage. More...
bool logGUI ()
 Returns true if the user want additional messages related to GUI. More...
bool logAddons ()
 Returns true if the user want additional messages related to addons. More...
bool logFlyable ()
 Returns true if the user want additional debug info for flyables.
bool logMisc ()
 Returns true if the user want additional messages for general items. More...


PARAM_PREFIX std::vector< std::string > m_blacklist_res
PARAM_PREFIX PtrVector< SavedGrandPrixm_saved_grand_prix_list
 List of all saved GPs. More...

Detailed Description

Contains all parameters that are stored in the user's config file.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Some constants to bitmask to enable various messages to be printed.

Function Documentation

◆ logAddons()

bool UserConfigParams::logAddons ( )

Returns true if the user want additional messages related to addons.

◆ logGUI()

bool UserConfigParams::logGUI ( )

Returns true if the user want additional messages related to GUI.

◆ logMemory()

bool UserConfigParams::logMemory ( )

Returns true if the user want additional messages for memory usage.

◆ logMisc()

bool UserConfigParams::logMisc ( )

Returns true if the user want additional messages for general items.


PARAM_PREFIX IntUserConfigParam m_high_definition_textures UserConfigParams::PARAM_DEFAULT ( IntUserConfigParam(1, "enable_high_definition_textures", &m_video_group, "Enable high definition textures. Bit flag: " "bit 0 = enabled/disabled; bit 1 = set by user/set as default")  )

This is a bit flag: bit 0: enabled (1) or disabled(0).

Bit 1: setting done by default(0), or by user choice (2). This allows to e.g. disable h.d. textures on hd3000 as default, but still allow the user to enable it.


PARAM_PREFIX bool m_profiler_enabled UserConfigParams::PARAM_DEFAULT ( false  )

If gamepad debugging is enabled.

True if graphical profiler should be displayed.

True to test funky ambient/diffuse/specularity in RGB & all anisotropic.

True if currently developed tutorial debugging is enabled.

True if follow-the-leader debug information should be printed.

True if slipstream debugging is activated.

True if arena (battle/soccer) ai profiling.

True if fps should be printed each frame.

True if physics debugging should be enabled.

True if check structures should be debugged.

If track debugging is enabled.

If material debugging (printing terrain specific slowdown) is enabled.

Debug gamepads by visualising their values.

Wiimote debugging.


PARAM_PREFIX int m_verbosity UserConfigParams::PARAM_DEFAULT ( )

Verbosity level for debug messages.

Note that error and important warnings must always be printed.

Variable Documentation

◆ m_saved_grand_prix_list

PARAM_PREFIX PtrVector<SavedGrandPrix> UserConfigParams::m_saved_grand_prix_list

List of all saved GPs.