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FreeForAll Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FreeForAll ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual void init () OVERRIDE
 call just after instanciating. More...
virtual bool isRaceOver () OVERRIDE
 The battle is over if only one kart is left, or no player kart.
virtual void reset (bool restart=false) OVERRIDE
 Called when a battle is restarted.
virtual void getKartsDisplayInfo (std::vector< RaceGUIBase::KartIconDisplayInfo > *info) OVERRIDE
 Returns the data to display in the race gui.
virtual bool raceHasLaps () OVERRIDE
 Called when it is needed to know whether this kind of race involves counting laps. More...
virtual const std::string & getIdent () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the internal identifier for this race.
virtual bool kartHit (int kart_id, int hitter=-1) OVERRIDE
 Called when a kart is hit. More...
virtual void update (int ticks) OVERRIDE
 Updates the physics, all karts, the track, and projectile manager. More...
virtual void countdownReachedZero () OVERRIDE
 Called when the match time ends.
virtual void terminateRace () OVERRIDE
 Called at the end of a race. More...
void setKartScoreFromServer (NetworkString &ns)
int getKartScore (int kart_id) const
bool getKartFFAResult (int kart_id) const
virtual std::pair< uint32_t, uint32_t > getGameStartedProgress () const OVERRIDE
 Used by server to get the current started game progress in either or both remaining time or progress in percent. More...
virtual void addReservedKart (int kart_id) OVERRIDE
virtual void saveCompleteState (BareNetworkString *bns, STKPeer *peer) OVERRIDE
virtual void restoreCompleteState (const BareNetworkString &b) OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorldWithRank
bool displayRank () const
void beginSetKartPositions ()
 This function must be called before starting to set all kart positions again. More...
bool setKartPosition (unsigned int kart_id, unsigned int position)
 Sets the position of a kart. More...
void endSetKartPositions ()
 Called once the last position was set. More...
AbstractKartgetKartAtPosition (unsigned int p) const
 Returns the kart with a given position. More...
virtual AbstractKartgetKartAtDrawingPosition (unsigned int p) const
 Returns the kart at which position (start from 1) to draw race icon. More...
virtual int getScoreForPosition (int p)
 Returns the number of points for a kart at a specified position. More...
virtual unsigned int getRescuePositionIndex (AbstractKart *kart) OVERRIDE
 Determines the rescue position for a kart. More...
TrackSectorgetTrackSector (unsigned int kart_index) const
 Returns the track_sector object for the specified kart. More...
bool isOnRoad (unsigned int kart_index) const
 Returns true if the kart is on a valid graph quad. More...
int getSectorForKart (const AbstractKart *kart) const
 Gets the sector a kart is on. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from World
 World ()
 The main world class is used to handle the track and the karts. More...
virtual unsigned int getNumberOfRescuePositions () const
 Returns the number of rescue positions on a given track and game mode. More...
virtual btTransform getRescueTransform (unsigned int index) const
 Returns the bullet transformation for the specified rescue index. More...
virtual void moveKartAfterRescue (AbstractKart *kart)
 Places a kart that is rescued. More...
virtual bool showLapsTarget ()
 If true lap counter shows lap count in format: 4/20 or if false then in format: 4.
virtual int getFinishedLapsOfKart (unsigned int kart_index) const
 Returns the number of laps for a given kart. More...
virtual void updateGraphics (float dt)
 This updates all only graphical elements. More...
virtual void pause (Phase phase) OVERRIDE
 Pauses the music (and then pauses WorldStatus).
virtual void unpause () OVERRIDE
 Switches back from a pause state to the previous state.
virtual void getDefaultCollectibles (int *collectible_type, int *amount)
 Called to determine the default collectibles to give each player at the start for this kind of race. More...
virtual void collectedItem (const AbstractKart *kart, const ItemState *item)
 Receives notification if an item is collected. More...
virtual void endRaceEarly ()
virtual bool hasRaceEndedEarly () const
virtual bool haveBonusBoxes ()
 Called to determine whether this race mode uses bonus boxes. More...
virtual bool useFastMusicNearEnd () const
 Returns if this mode should use fast music (if available). More...
virtual void kartAdded (AbstractKart *kart, scene::ISceneNode *node)
 If you want to do something to karts or their graphics at the start of the race, override this. More...
virtual void newLap (unsigned int kart_index)
 Called whenever a kart starts a new lap. More...
virtual void onMouseClick (int x, int y)
HighscoresgetHighscores () const
HighscoresgetGPHighscores () const
void schedulePause (Phase phase)
void scheduleUnpause ()
void scheduleExitRace ()
void scheduleTutorial ()
void updateWorld (int ticks)
 This is the main interface to update the world. More...
void handleExplosion (const Vec3 &xyz, AbstractKart *kart_hit, PhysicalObject *object)
AbstractKartgetPlayerKart (unsigned int player) const
 Returns the n-th player kart. More...
AbstractKartgetLocalPlayerKart (unsigned int n) const
 Returns the nth local player kart, i.e. More...
virtual const btTransform & getStartTransform (int index)
 Returns the start coordinates for a kart with a given index. More...
void moveKartTo (AbstractKart *kart, const btTransform &t)
 Places the kart at a given position and rotation. More...
void updateTimeTargetSound ()
RaceGUIBasegetRaceGUI () const
 Returns a pointer to the race gui. More...
unsigned int getNumKarts () const
 Returns the number of karts in the race. More...
AbstractKartgetKart (int kartId) const
 Returns the kart with a given world id. More...
const KartList & getKarts () const
 Returns all karts. More...
unsigned int getCurrentNumKarts () const
 Returns the number of currently active (i.e.non-elikminated) karts. More...
unsigned int getCurrentNumPlayers () const
 Returns the number of currently active (i.e. More...
void resetElimination ()
virtual bool shouldDrawTimer () const
 The code that draws the timer should call this first to know whether the game mode wants a timer drawn. More...
bool useHighScores () const
virtual void onFirePressed (Controller *who)
 Override if you want to know when a kart presses fire.
virtual bool useChecklineRequirements () const
 Whether to compute checkline requirements for each world on the quadgraph. More...
virtual void escapePressed ()
virtual void loadCustomModels ()
void eliminateKart (int kart_number, bool notify_of_elimination=true)
 Remove (eliminate) a kart from the race.
void setUnfairTeam (bool val)
virtual bool hasTeam () const
KartTeam getKartTeam (unsigned int kart_id) const
 Get the team of kart in world (including AIs)
int getTeamNum (KartTeam team) const
void setNetworkWorld (bool is_networked)
 Set the network mode (true if networked)
bool isNetworkWorld () const
void initTeamArrows (AbstractKart *k)
 Set the team arrow on karts if necessary.
virtual bool isGoalPhase () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorldStatus
virtual ~WorldStatus ()
 Destructor of WorldStatus.
virtual void updateTime (int ticks)
 Updates the world time and clock (which might be running backwards), and all status information, called once per frame at the end of the main loop. More...
void startReadySetGo ()
virtual void pause (Phase phase)
 Pauses the game and switches to the specified phase. More...
virtual void enterRaceOverState ()
 Called when the race is finished, but it still leaves some time for an end of race animation, and potentially let some more AI karts finish the race.
void setTime (const float time)
 Sets the time for the clock. More...
void setTicks (int ticks)
 Sets a new time for the world time, measured in ticks. More...
void setTicksForRewind (int ticks)
 Sets a new time for the world time (used by rewind), measured in ticks. More...
bool isStartPhase () const
bool isRacePhase () const
bool isActiveRacePhase () const
bool isFinishPhase () const
 While the race menu is being displayed, m_phase is limbo, and m_previous_phase is finish. More...
const Phase getPhase () const
 Returns the current race phase. More...
void setPhase (Phase phase)
 Sets the current race phase. More...
void setClockMode (const ClockType mode, const float initial_time=0.0f)
 Call to specify what kind of clock you want. More...
int getClockMode () const
 Returns the current clock mode. More...
float getTime () const
 Returns the current race time. More...
uint64_t getStart () const
 Returns the start time. More...
int getTimeTicks () const
 Returns the current race time in time ticks (i.e. More...
int getTicksSinceStart () const
 Get the ticks since start regardless of which way the clock counts.
int getAuxiliaryTicks () const
bool isLiveJoinWorld () const
void setLiveJoinWorld (bool val)
int getMusicDescriptionTicks () const
void endLiveJoinWorld (int ticks_now)
 Base on the network timer set current world count up ticks to tick_now.

Protected Member Functions

void handleScoreInServer (int kart_id, int hitter)
 Called when the score of kart needs updated. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WorldWithRank
unsigned int getClosestStartPoint (AbstractKart *kart)
void updateSectorForKarts ()
 Localize each kart on the graph using its center xyz.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from World
void updateHighscores (int *best_highscore_rank)
 Called at the end of a race. More...
void resetAllKarts ()
 Waits till each kart is resting on the ground. More...
ControllerloadAIController (AbstractKart *kart)
 Creates an AI controller for the kart. More...
virtual std::shared_ptr< AbstractKartcreateKart (const std::string &kart_ident, int index, int local_player_id, int global_player_id, RaceManager::KartType type, HandicapLevel handicap)
 Creates a kart, having a certain position, starting location, and local and global player id (if applicable). More...
virtual void onGo () OVERRIDE
 Called when 'go' is being displayed for the first time. More...
virtual void createRaceGUI ()
void updateTrack (int ticks)
 Only updates the track. More...
virtual float estimateFinishTimeForKart (AbstractKart *kart)
 Used for AI karts that are still racing when all player kart finished. More...
void updateAchievementDataEndRace ()
void updateAchievementModeCounters (bool start)

Protected Attributes

bool m_count_down_reached_zero
std::vector< int > m_scores
- Protected Attributes inherited from WorldWithRank
std::vector< int > m_position_index
 This contains a mapping from race position to kart index. More...
bool m_display_rank
 Whether to display the rank in the race GUI.
std::vector< int > m_score_for_position
 The points given to a kart on a given position (index is 0 based, so using race-position - 1. More...
std::vector< TrackSector * > m_kart_track_sector
 Stores the current graph node and track coordinates for each kart. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from World
int m_red_ai
int m_blue_ai
std::map< int, KartTeam > m_kart_team_map
std::map< int, unsigned int > m_kart_position_map
KartList m_karts
 The list of all karts. More...
RandomGenerator m_random
int m_eliminated_karts
 Number of eliminated karts. More...
int m_eliminated_players
 Number of eliminated players. More...
int m_num_players
 OVerall number of players. More...
bool m_faster_music_active
bool m_stop_music_when_dialog_open
bool m_unfair_team
bool m_use_highscores
 Whether highscores should be used for this kind of race. More...
 Pointer to the race GUI. More...
 The actual race gui needs to be saved when the race result gui is displayed since it is still needed in case of a restart, and it can't simply be created again (since it assumes that it can render to texture without having any scene nodes, but in case of a restart there are scene nodes). More...
bool m_schedule_pause
 Pausing/unpausing are not done immediately, but at next udpdate. More...
bool m_schedule_unpause
 Pausing/unpausing are not done immediately, but at next udpdate. More...
bool m_schedule_exit_race
bool m_schedule_tutorial
Phase m_scheduled_pause_phase
bool m_self_destruct
 Set when the world needs to be deleted but you can't do it immediately because you are e.g. More...
bool m_is_network_world
 Set when the world is online and counts network players. More...
bool m_ended_early
- Protected Attributes inherited from WorldStatus
double m_time
 Elasped/remaining time in seconds. More...
int m_time_ticks
 Time in number of ticks (in terms of physics time steps). More...
bool m_play_racestart_sounds
 If the start race should be played, disabled in cutscenes. More...
const ProcessType m_process_type
 Process type of this world (main or child). More...
bool m_play_track_intro_sound
bool m_play_ready_set_go_sounds
std::atomic< Phase > m_phase

Private Member Functions

virtual video::SColor getColor (unsigned int kart_id) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from World
typedef std::vector< std::shared_ptr< AbstractKart > > KartList
- Public Types inherited from WorldStatus
 Different clock types for a race. More...
enum  Phase {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from World
static WorldgetWorld ()
 Returns a pointer to the (singleton) world object. More...
static void deleteWorld ()
 Delete the )singleton) world object, if it exists, and sets the singleton pointer to NULL. More...
static void setWorld (World *world)
 Sets the pointer to the world object. More...
static void clear ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FreeForAll()

FreeForAll::FreeForAll ( )


Sets up the clock mode etc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getGameStartedProgress()

std::pair< uint32_t, uint32_t > FreeForAll::getGameStartedProgress ( ) const

Used by server to get the current started game progress in either or both remaining time or progress in percent.

uint32_t max for either or both if not available.

Reimplemented from World.

Reimplemented in CaptureTheFlag.

◆ handleScoreInServer()

void FreeForAll::handleScoreInServer ( int  kart_id,
int  hitter 

Called when the score of kart needs updated.

kart_idThe world kart id of the kart that was hit.
hitterThe world kart id of the kart who hit(-1 if none).

◆ init()

void FreeForAll::init ( )

call just after instanciating.

can't be moved to the contructor as child classes must be instanciated, otherwise polymorphism will fail and the results will be incorrect

Reimplemented from WorldWithRank.

Reimplemented in CaptureTheFlag.

◆ kartHit()

bool FreeForAll::kartHit ( int  kart_id,
int  hitter = -1 

Called when a kart is hit.

kart_idThe world kart id of the kart that was hit.
hitterThe world kart id of the kart who hit(-1 if none).

Reimplemented from World.

Reimplemented in CaptureTheFlag.

◆ raceHasLaps()

virtual bool FreeForAll::raceHasLaps ( )

Called when it is needed to know whether this kind of race involves counting laps.

Implements World.

◆ terminateRace()

void FreeForAll::terminateRace ( )

Called at the end of a race.

Updates highscores, pauses the game, and informs the unlock manager about the finished race. This function must be called after all other stats were updated from the different game modes.

Only update high scores when these conditions are met:

  • The race is not over a network
  • There is at least 1 real kart in play
  • The number of laps is at least 1
  • The command line parameter –no-high-scores has not been passed

If they are met, retrieve the best highscore if relevant to show it in the GUI

Reimplemented from World.

◆ update()

void FreeForAll::update ( int  ticks)

Updates the physics, all karts, the track, and projectile manager.

ticksNumber of physics time steps - should be 1.

Reimplemented from World.

Reimplemented in CaptureTheFlag.

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