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KartRewinder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 KartRewinder (const std::string &ident, unsigned int world_kart_id, int position, const btTransform &init_transform, HandicapLevel handicap, std::shared_ptr< RenderInfo > ri)
virtual void saveTransform () OVERRIDE
 This function is called immediately before a rewind is done and saves the current transform for the kart. More...
virtual void computeError () OVERRIDE
 Called when a rewind is finished, and is used to compute the error caused by the rewind (which is then visually smoothed over time). More...
virtual BareNetworkStringsaveState (std::vector< std::string > *ru) OVERRIDE
 Saves all state information for a kart in a memory buffer. More...
void reset () OVERRIDE
 Resets status in case of a resetart.
virtual void restoreState (BareNetworkString *p, int count) OVERRIDE
 Actually rewind to the specified state. More...
virtual void rewindToEvent (BareNetworkString *p) OVERRIDE
 Called when an event needs to be replayed. More...
virtual void update (int ticks) OVERRIDE
 Called once a frame. More...
virtual float getSteerPercent () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the current steering value for this kart. More...
virtual void updateGraphics (float dt) OVERRIDE
 Updates the graphics model. More...
virtual void undoState (BareNetworkString *p) OVERRIDE
 Undo the effects of the given state, but do not rewind to that state (which is done by rewindTo). More...
virtual void undoEvent (BareNetworkString *p) OVERRIDE
 Called when an event needs to be undone. More...
virtual std::function< void()> getLocalStateRestoreFunction () OVERRIDE
- Public Member Functions inherited from Rewinder
 Rewinder (const std::string &ui="")
const std::string & getUniqueIdentity () const
bool rewinderAdd ()
 Add this object to the list of all rewindable objects in the rewind manager.
template<typename T >
std::shared_ptr< T > getShared ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Kart
 Kart (const std::string &ident, unsigned int world_kart_id, int position, const btTransform &init_transform, HandicapLevel handicap, std::shared_ptr< RenderInfo > ri)
 The kart constructor. More...
virtual ~Kart ()
 The destructor frees the memory of this kart, but note that the actual kart model is still stored in the kart_properties (m_kart_model variable), so it is not reloaded).
virtual void init (RaceManager::KartType type) OVERRIDE
 This is a second initialisation phase, necessary since in the constructor virtual functions are not called for any superclasses. More...
virtual void kartIsInRestNow () OVERRIDE
 Computes the transform of the graphical kart chasses with regards to the physical chassis. More...
virtual void createPhysics ()
 Creates the physical representation of this kart. More...
virtual bool isInRest () const OVERRIDE
 Returns true if the kart is 'resting', i.e. More...
virtual void applyEngineForce (float force)
 Applies engine power to all the wheels that are traction capable, so other parts of code do not have to be adjusted to simulate different kinds of vehicles in the general case, only if they are trying to simulate traction control, diferentials or multiple independent electric engines, they will have to tweak the power in a per wheel basis.
virtual void flyUp () OVERRIDE
 Enter flying mode.
virtual void flyDown () OVERRIDE
virtual void startEngineSFX () OVERRIDE
 Starts the engine sound effect. More...
virtual void collectedItem (ItemState *item) OVERRIDE
 Called when an item is collected. More...
virtual float getStartupBoostFromStartTicks (int ticks) const OVERRIDE
 Called the first time a kart accelerates after 'ready'. More...
virtual float getStartupBoost () const OVERRIDE
virtual void setStartupBoost (float val) OVERRIDE
virtual const MaterialgetMaterial () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the current material the kart is on. More...
virtual const MaterialgetLastMaterial () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the previous material the kart was one (which might be the same as getMaterial() ). More...
virtual float getTerrainPitch (float heading) const OVERRIDE
 Returns the pitch of the terrain depending on the heading. More...
virtual void handleZipper (const Material *m=NULL, bool play_sound=false) OVERRIDE
 Sets zipper time, and apply one time additional speed boost. More...
virtual bool setSquash (float time, float slowdown) OVERRIDE
 Squashes this kart: it will scale the kart in up direction, and causes a slowdown while this kart is squashed. More...
void setSquashGraphics ()
virtual void unsetSquash () OVERRIDE
 Makes the kart unsquashed again. More...
virtual void crashed (AbstractKart *k, bool update_attachments) OVERRIDE
 Called when the kart crashes against another kart. More...
virtual void crashed (const Material *m, const Vec3 &normal) OVERRIDE
 Kart hits the track with a given material. More...
virtual float getHoT () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the height of the terrain. More...
virtual void finishedRace (float time, bool from_server=false) OVERRIDE
 Sets that this kart has finished the race and finishing time. More...
virtual void setPosition (int p) OVERRIDE
 Sets the position in race this kart has . More...
virtual void beep () OVERRIDE
 Plays a beep sfx.
virtual void showZipperFire () OVERRIDE
 Show fire to go with a zipper.
virtual bool playCustomSFX (unsigned int type) OVERRIDE
 This function will play a particular character voice for this kart. More...
virtual void setController (Controller *controller) OVERRIDE
 Saves the old controller in m_saved_controller and stores a new controller. More...
virtual void setXYZ (const Vec3 &a) OVERRIDE
 Sets the XYZ coordinates of the moveable. More...
virtual void changeKart (const std::string &new_ident, HandicapLevel handicap, std::shared_ptr< RenderInfo > ri) OVERRIDE
 Change to new kart instancely (used in network live join). More...
virtual void adjustSpeed (float f) OVERRIDE
 Multiplies the velocity of the kart by a factor f (both linear and angular). More...
virtual void increaseMaxSpeed (unsigned int category, float add_speed, float engine_force, int duration, int fade_out_time) OVERRIDE
 Sets an increased maximum speed for a category. More...
virtual void instantSpeedIncrease (unsigned int category, float add_max_speed, float speed_boost, float engine_force, int duration, int fade_out_time) OVERRIDE
 This adjusts the top speed using increaseMaxSpeed, but additionally causes an instant speed boost, which can be smaller than add-max-speed. More...
virtual void setSlowdown (unsigned int category, float max_speed_fraction, int fade_in_time) OVERRIDE
 Defines a slowdown, which is in fraction of top speed. More...
virtual int getSpeedIncreaseTicksLeft (unsigned int category) const OVERRIDE
 Returns how much increased speed time is left over in the given category. More...
virtual float getSpeed () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the speed of the kart in meters/second. More...
virtual float getCurrentMaxSpeed () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the current maximum speed for this kart, this includes all bonus and maluses that are currently applied. More...
virtual void setSpeed (float s) OVERRIDE
 This is used on the client side only to set the speed of the kart from the server information. More...
virtual float getMaxSteerAngle () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the maximum steering angle for this kart, which depends on the speed. More...
virtual float getTimeFullSteer (float steer) const OVERRIDE
 Returns the time till full steering is reached for this kart. More...
virtual float getSpeedForTurnRadius (float radius) const OVERRIDE
 Returns the (maximum) speed for a given turn radius. More...
virtual float getMaxSteerAngle (float speed) const
 Returns the maximum steering angle (depending on speed). More...
virtual const SkiddinggetSkidding () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the skidding object for this kart (which can be used to query skidding related values). More...
virtual SkiddinggetSkidding () OVERRIDE
 Returns the skidding object for this kart (which can be used to query skidding related values) - non-const. More...
virtual float getEnergy () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the remaining collected energy. More...
virtual void setEnergy (float val) OVERRIDE
 Sets the energy the kart has collected. More...
virtual bool isOnMinNitroTime () const OVERRIDE
 Return whether nitro is being used despite the nitro button not being pressed due to minimal use time requirements.
virtual void setPowerup (PowerupManager::PowerupType t, int n) OVERRIDE
 Sets a new powerup. More...
virtual void setLastUsedPowerup (PowerupManager::PowerupType t)
 Sets the last used powerup. More...
virtual const PowerupgetPowerup () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the current powerup. More...
virtual PowerupgetPowerup () OVERRIDE
 Returns the current powerup. More...
virtual PowerupManager::PowerupType getLastUsedPowerup () OVERRIDE
 Returns the last used powerup. More...
virtual int getNumPowerup () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the number of powerups. More...
virtual void setInvulnerableTicks (int ticks) OVERRIDE
 Makes a kart invulnerable for a certain amount of time. More...
virtual bool isInvulnerable () const OVERRIDE
 Returns if the kart is invulnerable. More...
virtual int getBlockedByPlungerTicks () const OVERRIDE
 Returns true if the kart has a plunger attached to its face. More...
virtual void blockViewWithPlunger () OVERRIDE
 Sets the view to blocked by a plunger. More...
virtual void setShieldTime (float t) OVERRIDE
 Enables a kart shield protection for a certain amount of time. More...
virtual bool isShielded () const OVERRIDE
 Returns if the kart is protected by a shield. More...
virtual float getShieldTime () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the remaining time the kart is protected by a shield. More...
virtual void decreaseShieldTime () OVERRIDE
 Decreases the kart's shield time. More...
virtual bool isSquashed () const OVERRIDE
 Returns if the kart is currently being squashed. More...
virtual void setBoostAI (bool boosted) OVERRIDE
 Sets the kart AI boost state. More...
virtual bool getBoostAI () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the kart AI boost state. More...
virtual ControllergetController () OVERRIDE
 Returns the controller of this kart. More...
const ControllergetController () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the controller of this kart (const version). More...
virtual const Vec3getFrontXYZ () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the coordinates of the front of the kart. More...
virtual btTransform getAlignedTransform (const float customPitch=-1) OVERRIDE
 Returns a bullet transform object located at the kart's position and oriented in the direction the kart is going. More...
const btTransform & getResetTransform () const
 Returns the start transform, i.e. More...
virtual bool isOnGround () const OVERRIDE
 True if the wheels are touching the ground. More...
bool isNearGround () const
 Returns true if the kart is close to the ground, used to dis/enable the upright constraint to allow for more realistic explosions. More...
virtual const Vec3getNormal () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the normal of the terrain the kart is over atm. More...
virtual const Vec3getPreviousXYZ () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the position 0.25s before.
virtual const Vec3getRecentPreviousXYZ () const OVERRIDE
 Returns a more recent different previous position.
virtual const float getRecentPreviousXYZTime () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the time at which the recent previous position occured.
bool isFlying () const
 For debugging only: check if a kart is flying. More...
virtual bool isJumping () const OVERRIDE
 Returns whether this kart is jumping. More...
virtual const TerrainInfogetTerrainInfo () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the terrain info oject. More...
virtual KartGFXgetKartGFX () OVERRIDE
 Returns a pointer to this kart's graphical effects. More...
virtual int getPosition () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the current position of this kart in the race. More...
virtual int getInitialPosition () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the initial position of this kart. More...
virtual float getFinishTime () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the finished time for a kart. More...
virtual bool hasFinishedRace () const OVERRIDE
 Returns true if this kart has finished the race. More...
const irr::video::SColor & getColor () const
 Returns the color used for this kart. More...
virtual RaceManager::KartType getType () const OVERRIDE
virtual btKartgetVehicle () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the bullet vehicle which represents this kart. More...
virtual btQuaternion getVisualRotation () const OVERRIDE
virtual const SlipStreamgetSlipstream () const OVERRIDE
 Returns the slipstream object of this kart. More...
virtual SlipStreamgetSlipstream () OVERRIDE
 Returns the slipstream object of this kart. More...
virtual void setSlipstreamEffect (float f) OVERRIDE
 Activates a slipstream effect, atm that is display some nitro. More...
virtual bool isEliminated () const OVERRIDE
 Returns true if the kart is eliminated. More...
virtual void eliminate () OVERRIDE
 Marks this kart to be eliminated. More...
virtual void setOnScreenText (const core::stringw &text) OVERRIDE
 Sets a text that is being displayed on top of a kart. More...
virtual bool getRaceResult () const OVERRIDE
 Returns whether this kart wins or loses. More...
void setRaceResult ()
 Set this kart race result. More...
virtual bool isGhostKart () const OVERRIDE
 Returns whether this kart is a ghost (replay) kart. More...
SFXBasegetNextEmitter ()
virtual void playSound (SFXBuffer *buffer) OVERRIDE
virtual bool isVisible () const OVERRIDE
virtual void showStarEffect (float t) OVERRIDE
 Shows the star effect for a certain time. More...
virtual StarsgetStarsEffect () const OVERRIDE
int getNetworkConfirmedFinishTicks () const OVERRIDE
 Return the confirmed finish ticks (sent by the server) indicating that this kart has really finished the race. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractKart
 AbstractKart (const std::string &ident, int world_kart_id, int position, const btTransform &init_transform, HandicapLevel handicap, std::shared_ptr< RenderInfo > ri)
 Creates a kart. More...
const core::stringw & getName () const
 Returns a name to be displayed for this kart. More...
KartControlgetControls ()
 Returns all controls of this kart. More...
const KartControlgetControls () const
 Returns all controls of this kart - const version. More...
const KartPropertiesgetKartProperties () const
 Returns the kart properties of this kart. More...
const HandicapLevel getHandicap () const
 Returns the handicap of this kart. More...
void setHandicap (const HandicapLevel h)
 Sets the handicap. More...
virtual const std::string & getIdent () const
 Returns a unique identifier for this kart (name of the directory the kart was loaded from). More...
const AttachmentgetAttachment () const
 Returns the current attachment. More...
AttachmentgetAttachment ()
 Returns the current attachment, non-const version. More...
KartModelgetKartModel () const
 Returns this kart's kart model. More...
float getKartLength () const
 Returns the length of the kart. More...
float getKartHeight () const
 Returns the height of the kart. More...
float getKartWidth () const
 Returns the width of the kart. More...
float getHighestPoint () const
 Returns the highest point of the kart (coordinate on up axis)
virtual float getTimeForDistance (float distance)
 Returns the time at which the kart was at a given distance. More...
bool isWheeless () const
 Returns true if this kart has no wheels. More...
const Vec3getWheelGraphicsPosition (int i) const
 Returns the position of a wheel relative to the kart. More...
AbstractKartAnimationgetKartAnimation ()
 Returns a kart animation (if any), or NULL if currently no kart animation is being shown. More...
const AbstractKartAnimationgetKartAnimation () const
virtual void setKartAnimation (AbstractKartAnimation *ka)
 Sets a new kart animation. More...
unsigned int getWorldKartId () const
 Returns the index of this kart in world. More...
virtual void makeKartRest ()
 Called before go phase to make sure all karts start at the same position in case there is a slope. More...
int getLiveJoinUntilTicks () const
void setLiveJoinKart (int util_ticks)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Moveable
scene::ISceneNode * getNode () const
 Returns the scene node of this moveable. More...
void setNode (scene::ISceneNode *n)
 Sets the mesh for this model. More...
virtual const btVector3 & getVelocity () const
const btVector3 & getVelocityLC () const
virtual void setVelocity (const btVector3 &v)
const Vec3getXYZ () const
float getHeading () const
 Returns the heading between -pi and pi. More...
float getPitch () const
 Returns the pitch of the kart, restricted to between -pi/2 and pi/2. More...
float getRoll () const
 Returns the roll of the kart between -pi and pi. More...
const btQuaternion getRotation () const
virtual void stopFlying ()
void setRotation (const btMatrix3x3 &m)
 Sets the rotation of the physical body this moveable. More...
void setRotation (const btQuaternion &q)
 Sets the rotation of the physical body this moveable. More...
btRigidBody * getBody () const
void createBody (float mass, btTransform &trans, btCollisionShape *shape, float restitution)
 Creates the bullet rigid body for this moveable. More...
const btTransform & getTrans () const
void setTrans (const btTransform &t)
 Places this moveable at a certain location and stores this transform in this Moveable, so that it can be accessed easily. More...
void updatePosition ()
 Updates the current position and rotation. More...
void prepareSmoothing ()
void checkSmoothing ()
const btTransform & getSmoothedTrans () const
const Vec3getSmoothedXYZ () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SmoothNetworkBody
 SmoothNetworkBody (bool enable=false)
void reset ()
void setEnable (bool val)
bool isEnabled () const
void setSmoothRotation (bool val)
void setAdjustVerticalOffset (bool val)
void prepareSmoothing (const btTransform &current_transform, const Vec3 &current_velocity)
void checkSmoothing (const btTransform &current_transform, const Vec3 &current_velocity)
 Adds a new error between graphical and physical position/rotation. More...
void updateSmoothedGraphics (const btTransform &current_transform, const Vec3 &current_velocity, float dt)
void setSmoothedTransform (const btTransform &t)
const btTransform & getSmoothedTrans () const
const Vec3getSmoothedXYZ () const
void setMinAdjustLength (float val)
void setMaxAdjustLength (float val)
void setMinAdjustSpeed (float val)
void setMaxAdjustTime (float val)
void setAdjustLengthThreshold (float val)

Private Attributes

float m_prev_steering
float m_steering_smoothing_dt
float m_steering_smoothing_time
bool m_has_server_state

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Rewinder
void setUniqueIdentity (const std::string &uid)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Kart
void updatePhysics (int ticks)
 Updates the physics for this kart: computing the driving force, set steering, handles skidding, terrain impact on kart, ... More...
void handleMaterialSFX ()
 Plays any terrain specific sound effect.
void handleMaterialGFX (float dt)
 Handles material specific GFX, mostly particle effects. More...
void updateFlying ()
 Adjusts kart translation if the kart is flying (in debug mode).
void updateSliding ()
 Handles sliding, i.e. More...
void updateEnginePowerAndBrakes (int ticks)
 Sets the engine power. More...
void updateEngineSFX (float dt)
 Adjust the engine sound effect depending on the speed of the kart. More...
void updateSpeed ()
 Updates the local speed based on the current physical velocity. More...
void updateNitro (int ticks)
 Updates the current nitro status. More...
float applyAirFriction (float engine_power)
 Reduces the engine power according to speed. More...
float getActualWheelForce ()
 Simulates gears by adjusting the force of the engine. More...
void playCrashSFX (const Material *m, AbstractKart *k)
 Common code used when a kart or a material was hit. More...
void loadData (RaceManager::KartType type, bool animatedModel)
 Attaches the right model, creates the physics and loads all special effects (particle systems etc.) More...
void updateWeight ()
 This method is to be called every time the mass of the kart is updated, which includes attaching an anvil to the kart (and detaching).
void initSound ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Moveable
void updateSmoothedGraphics (float dt)
virtual void updateGraphics (const Vec3 &off_xyz=Vec3(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f), const btQuaternion &off_rotation=btQuaternion(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f))
 Updates the graphics model. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Kart
float m_graphical_y_offset
 Offset of the graphical kart chassis from the physical chassis. More...
Vec3 m_xyz_front
 The coordinates of the front of the kart, used to determine when a new lap is triggered. More...
const float XYZ_HISTORY_TIME = 0.25f
int m_xyz_history_size
std::vector< Vec3m_previous_xyz
 The coordinates of the XYZ_HISTORY_SIZE previous positions.
std::vector< float > m_previous_xyz_times
 The times at which the previous positions occured. More...
float m_time_previous_counter
bool m_is_jumping
 Is time flying activated.
bool m_bubblegum_torque_sign
 The sign of torque to apply after hitting a bubble gum. More...
uint8_t m_bounce_back_ticks
 A short time after a collision acceleration is disabled to allow the karts to bounce back.
 Handles speed increase and capping due to powerup, terrain, ... More...
 Stores information about the terrain the kart is on. More...
 Handles the powerup of a kart. More...
std::unique_ptr< btVehicleRaycaster > m_vehicle_raycaster
std::unique_ptr< btKartm_vehicle
std::unique_ptr< Skiddingm_skidding
 This object handles all skidding. More...
std::unique_ptr< Starsm_stars_effect
 For stars rotating around head effect.
std::unique_ptr< Shadowm_shadow
 The shadow of a kart. More...
std::unique_ptr< SkidMarksm_skidmarks
 The skidmarks object for this kart. More...
std::unique_ptr< KartGFXm_kart_gfx
 All particle effects. More...
std::unique_ptr< SlipStreamm_slipstream
 Handles all slipstreaming. More...
std::unique_ptr< btCompoundShape, btCompoundShapeDeleterm_kart_chassis
 For collisions.
 The main controller of this object, used for driving. More...
 This saves the original controller when the end controller is used. More...
PowerupManager::PowerupType m_last_used_powerup
 Remember the last used powerup type of a kart for AI purposes. More...
bool m_flying
 True if kart is flying (for debug purposes only). More...
bool m_has_caught_nolok_bubblegum
 Set when hitting bubblegum.
bool m_race_result
 True if the kart wins, false otherwise. More...
bool m_eliminated
 True if the kart is eliminated. More...
int m_initial_position
 Initial rank of the kart. More...
int m_race_position
 Current race position (1-num_karts). More...
float m_max_gear_rpm
 Maximum engine rpm's for the current gear. More...
int m_brake_ticks
 How long the brake key has been pressed - the longer the harder the kart will brake. More...
int16_t m_invulnerable_ticks
 Time a kart is invulnerable. More...
int16_t m_bubblegum_ticks
 If > 0 then bubble gum effect is on. More...
int16_t m_view_blocked_by_plunger
 When a kart has its view blocked by the plunger, this variable will be

0 the number it contains is the time left before removing plunger.

float m_current_lean
 Current leaning of the kart. More...
int8_t m_min_nitro_ticks
 To prevent using nitro in too short bursts.
bool m_fire_clicked
 True if fire button was pushed and not released.
bool m_boosted_ai
 True if the kart has been selected to have a boosted ai.
bool m_finished_race
float m_finish_time
float m_collected_energy
 The amount of energy collected with nitro cans. More...
float m_consumption_per_tick
float m_energy_to_min_ratio
float m_startup_boost
float m_falling_time
float m_weight
float m_speed
 The current speed (i.e. More...
float m_last_factor_engine_sound
 For smoothing engine sound.
float m_default_suspension_force
 For changeKart.
btTransform m_reset_transform
 Reset position. More...
std::vector< SFXBase * > m_custom_sounds
int m_emitter_id = 0
SFXBasem_emitters [EMITTER_COUNT]
 Sound to be played depending on terrain. More...
const Materialm_last_sound_material
 The material for which the last sound effect was played. More...
 A pointer to the previous terrain sound needs to be saved so that an 'older' sfx can be finished and an abrupt end of the sfx is avoided. More...
SFXBufferm_crash_sounds [CRASH_SOUND_COUNT]
int m_ticks_last_crash
int m_ticks_last_zipper
RaceManager::KartType m_type
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractKart
btTransform m_starting_transform
int m_live_join_util
std::unique_ptr< KartPropertiesm_kart_properties
 The kart properties. More...
HandicapLevel m_handicap
 The handicap level of this kart. More...
std::unique_ptr< KartModelm_kart_model
 This stores a copy of the kart model. More...
std::unique_ptr< Attachmentm_attachment
 Handles the attachment the kart might have. More...
KartControl m_controls
 The kart controls (e.g. More...
 A kart animation object to handle rescue, explosion etc. More...
irr::scene::IDummyTransformationSceneNode * m_wheel_box
 Node between wheels and kart. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Moveable
btTransform m_transform
 The bullet transform of this rigid body. More...
UserPointer m_user_pointer
scene::ISceneNode * m_node
std::unique_ptr< btRigidBody > m_body
std::unique_ptr< KartMotionStatem_motion_state
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from Kart
static const int EMITTER_COUNT = 3
static const int CRASH_SOUND_COUNT = 3

Member Function Documentation

◆ computeError()

void KartRewinder::computeError ( )

Called when a rewind is finished, and is used to compute the error caused by the rewind (which is then visually smoothed over time).

Implements Rewinder.

◆ getSteerPercent()

virtual float KartRewinder::getSteerPercent ( ) const

Returns the current steering value for this kart.

Reimplemented from AbstractKart.

◆ restoreState()

void KartRewinder::restoreState ( BareNetworkString buffer,
int  count 

Actually rewind to the specified state.

bufferThe buffer with the state info.
countNumber of bytes that must be used up in this function (not used).

Implements Rewinder.

◆ rewindToEvent()

virtual void KartRewinder::rewindToEvent ( BareNetworkString buffer)

Called when an event needs to be replayed.

This is called during rewind, i.e. when going forward in time again.

Implements Rewinder.

◆ saveState()

BareNetworkString * KartRewinder::saveState ( std::vector< std::string > *  ru)

Saves all state information for a kart in a memory buffer.

The memory is allocated here and the address returned. It will then be managed by the RewindManager.

[out]ruThe unique identity of rewinder writing to.
The address of the memory buffer with the state.

Implements Rewinder.

◆ saveTransform()

void KartRewinder::saveTransform ( )

This function is called immediately before a rewind is done and saves the current transform for the kart.

The difference between this saved transform and the new transform after rewind is the error that needs (smoothly) be applied to the graphical position of the kart.

Implements Rewinder.

◆ undoEvent()

virtual void KartRewinder::undoEvent ( BareNetworkString buffer)

Called when an event needs to be undone.

This is called while going backwards for rewinding - all stored events will get an 'undo' call.

Implements Rewinder.

◆ undoState()

virtual void KartRewinder::undoState ( BareNetworkString buffer)

Undo the effects of the given state, but do not rewind to that state (which is done by rewindTo).

This is called while going backwards for rewinding - all stored events will get an 'undo' call.

Implements Rewinder.

◆ update()

void KartRewinder::update ( int  ticks)

Called once a frame.

It will add a new kart control event to the rewind manager if any control values have changed.

Reimplemented from Kart.

◆ updateGraphics()

virtual void KartRewinder::updateGraphics ( float  dt)

Updates the graphics model.

It is responsible for positioning the graphical chasses at an 'appropriate' position: typically, the physical model has much longer suspension, so if the graphical chassis would be at the same location as the physical chassis, the wheels would be too far away. Instead the default suspension length is saved once the kart have been settled at start up (see World::resetAllKarts, which just runs several physics-only simulation steps so that karts come to a rest). Then at race time, only the difference between the current suspension length and this default suspension length is used. The graphical kart chassis will be offset so that when the kart is in rest, i.e. suspension length == default suspension length, the kart will look the way it was modelled in blender. To explain the various offsets used, here a view from the side focusing on the Y axis only (X/Z position of the graphical chassis is identical to the physical chassis):

Y| | visual kart | physical kart


| +------—low---— : | O : +-----------------------------------------------------------------------— X 'O' : visual wheel ':' : raycast from physics 'low' : lowest Y coordinate of COG : Center of gravity (at bottom of model chassis)

The visual kart is stored so that if it is shown at (0,0,0) it would be the same as in blender. This on the other hand means, if the kart is shown at the position of the physical chassis (which is at COG in the picture above), the kart and its wheels would be floating in the air (exactly by as much as the suspension length), and the wheels would be exactly at the bottom of the physical chassis (i.e. just on the plane going through COG and parallel to the ground). If we want to align the visual chassis to be the same as the physical chassis, we would need to subtract 'low' from the physical position. If the kart is then displayed at COG.y-low, the bottom of the kart (which is at 'low' above ground) would be at COG.y-low + low = COG.y –> visual and physical chassis are identical.

Unfortunately, the suspension length used in the physics is much too high, the karts would be way above their wheels, basically disconneccted (typical physical suspension length is around 0.28, while the distance between wheel and chassis in blender is in the order of 0.10 –> so there would be an additional distance of around 0.18 between wheel chassis as designed in blender and in stk - even more if the kart is driving downhill when the suspension extends further to keep contact with the ground). To make the visuals look closer to what they are in blender, an additional offset is added: before the start of a race the physics simulation is run to find a stable position for each kart (see World::resetAllKarts). Once a kart is stable, we save this suspension length in m_graphical_y_offset. This offset is subtracted from the COG of the kart. So if the kart is in rest (i.e. suspenion == default_suspension == m_graphical_y_offset), The kart is showen exactly at the same height above ground as it is in blender. If the suspension is shorter by DY (because the kart is accelerating, the ground goes up, ...), the visual chassis is lowered by DY as well.

While the above algorithm indeed results in the right position of the visual chassis, in reality the visual chassis is too low. For example, nolok's chassis has its lowest point at the rear at around 0.10 above the ground (and the lowest point overall is 0.05, though this is at the front and so not easily visible), so if the suspension is compressed by more than that, the chassiswill appear to be in the ground. Testing on the sand track shows that the suspension is compressed by 0.12 (and up to 0.16 in some extreme points), which means that the chassis will appear to be in the ground quite easily. Therefore the chassis is actually moved up a bit to avoid this problem. Historically (due to never sorting out that formula properly) the chassis was moved twice as high as its lowest point, e.g. nolok's lowest point is at 0.05, so the whole chassis was raised by 0.05 (this was not done by design, but because of a bug ;) ). Since this visual offset has worked well in the past, the visual chassis is moved by the same amount higher.

Of course this means that the Y position of the wheels (relative to the visual kart chassis) needs to be adjusted: if the kart is in rest, the wheels are exactly on the ground. If the suspension is shorter, that wheel would appear to be partly in the ground, and if the suspension is longer, the wheel would not touch the ground.

The wheels must be offset by how much the current suspension length is longer or shorter than the default (i.e. at rest) suspension length. This is done in KartModel (pos is the position of the wheel relative to the visual kart chassis): pos.Y += m_default_physics_suspension[i]

  • wi.m_raycastInfo.m_suspensionLength But since the chassis is raised an additional 'getLowestPoint' (see desctiption two paragraphs above), the wheels need to be lowered by that amount so that they still touch the ground (the wheel nodes are child of the chassis scene node, so if the chassis is raised by X, the wheels need to be lowered by X). This function also takes additional graphical effects into account, e.g. a (visual only) jump when skidding, and leaning of the kart.

Reimplemented from Kart.

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